Featured Projects:

Innovation in Development

Every project Blue Onyx has undertaken on has been consistent with its vision – to not just buy-and-sell properties, but to build communities.

18 Summit Street - East Orange, NJ

Making Rental Units Feel Like Home

A transformational community project to raise the standard for local apartment rentals

How do you take a vacant build that was not only an eyesore but a safety concern for a community and turn it into not only into a financial success, but a model of what the future of a community will look like for years to come? You bring fresh thinking, a restorative approach to renovation, and a willingness to create something that’s unique in a market that you know will have an immediate & resounding impact to the community.

A celebrated and financially successful project that rented quickly, and set the new living standard for the community. It not only managed to garner press attention, but is also driving new development in the area.
660 Kinderkamack Rd - Oradell, NJ

From Medical Office to Community Cornerstone

How our strength at repositioning can have a dramatic impact on a community

Suburban office spaces have decreased dramatically in desirability, as both business owners and workers look for more functional environments that provide access to public transportation and amenities. For property investors, limited upside or justification for continued investment in a property struggling for tenants represented an opportunity to do something different.

The resulting project will be a destination and resource for the community, and one that we can be extremely proud of.
Marina Del Ray - Pleasantville, NJ

Upgrade, Stabilized and Responsibly Managed

Demonstrating our ability to reposition and maximize investment in an extremely narrow timeframe

We truly understand the value a fresh perspective and strong management can bring to a property, and how this approach can not only deliver strong financial returns, but provide additional benefit to the residents who’ve decided to call a community home. The ability to see value-add opportunities in a project, and having the in-house talent to efficiently handle all aspects of a transaction, allows us to execute where others can’t.

The resulting upgraded property not only provided an improved quality of life for residents, but improved occupancy rates, and allowed Blue Onyx to exit the property successfully after only 18 months at a strong financial return.
14 Summit Street - East Orange, NJ

Bringing Modern Lifestyle Thinking to East Orange

Bringing sophisticated, modern, millennial-focused living for the first time to this marketplace

Building on the success of the 18 Summit Street Apartments, and leveraging the cost efficiencies proximity offers, we envisioned this ideal next project for this community. This is an amenity-driven, millennial focused project that allows us to cater to a broader consumer base in this very commuter-friendly and walkable area. And as always, we strive to do this in a way that that builds an even stronger and more vibrant community.

Together, these two properties will cement the transformation we’ve pioneered in this area, with working families and commuters greatly benefiting greatly from these new living options.
Baxter Property Holdings - Spring Valley, NY

New Town Homes in Spring Valley, New York

New construction of town homes and completion of a community vision

Purchasing, stabilizing, and then completing this community development project as part of a transition from rentals to sellable homes represents a project that Blue Onyx has the resources to realize.

Completing the development of the community and its amenities will allow the property to achieve the original vision, and will represent a strong potential financial exit.
717 Kennedy Blvd - Bayonne, NJ

Unique Property Transformation with Flair

From an abandoned property to something distinct and unique in the community

After close to twenty years of abandonment, a fresh perspective on a property that was an unsafe eyesore in an area that has the incredible benefit of proximity to NYC represented a great ground-up development opportunity for Blue Onyx. But the even bigger challenge was just getting this type of unique development approved in this area.

A boutique multi-family development with modern amenities and, most importantly, parking spaces for all units will represent a significant step forward for the community.