A Proven Team of Experts

Blue Onyx has built a culture and organizational model that brings the energy and innovative approach of a startup to a mature industry, allowing it to realize opportunities others simply can’t.


Levi prides himself on approaching every opportunity, in his career and life, with a desire to challenge the status quo, identifying untapped or underappreciated potential wherever it exists. Building on his experience in all aspects of residential and commercial real estate, property management and team leadership, he started Blue Onyx in 2009. Since then, he has led the innovative team at Blue Onyx and its pioneering approach to commercial real estate. 

Levi has created an entrepreneurial team of industry experts and hard-working professionals that share a vision of bringing a fresh perspective and startup mindset to the real estate industry. This pioneering approach has resulted in a successful track record of completed projects and investments that are consistent with his vision of building communities. 

Before starting Blue Onyx, Levi held property management and leadership positions both in and outside of the real estate industry.