A Proven Team of Experts

Blue Onyx has built  a culture and organizational model that brings the energy and innovative approach of a startup to a mature industry, allowing it to realize opportunities others simply can’t.


Levi prides himself on approaching every opportunity, in his career and life, with a desire to challenge the status quo, identifying untapped or underappreciated potential wherever it exists. Building on his experience in all aspects of residential and commercial real estate, property management and team leadership, he started Blue Onyx in 2009. Since then, he has led the innovative team at Blue Onyx and its pioneering approach to commercial real estate. 

Levi has created an entrepreneurial team of industry experts and hard-working professionals that share a vision of bringing a fresh perspective and startup mindset to the real estate industry. This pioneering approach has resulted in a successful track record of completed projects and investments that are consistent with his vision of building communities. 

Before starting Blue Onyx, Levi held property management and leadership positions both in and outside of the real estate industry.


NOAM NEWMAN - EVP, Development & Marketing

Noam Newman brings over 15 years of experience in real estate investing and construction management to the team at Blue Onyx. As a member of the senior leadership team Noam is responsible for the functional oversight and strategy of the Blue Onyx portfolio, overseeing the visioning, acquisitions, land planning, entitlement processing, community outreach and government approval aspects of the company’s projects.

His solutions-focused mindset, detail orientation and resiliency has allowed him to build trust by demonstrating his ability to bring projects successfully from a plan to reality. This ability has been crucial in the company’s success to date, and in shaping its vision for the future.

Prior to joining Blue Onyx, Noam was Managing Partner at Venture Equity Partners, which served real estate investors and high net worth individuals with the intent of growing and developing their real estate portfolios. He was also VP of Real Estate Development & Operations at New City Associates, a privately held family office, that developed sites in the East Village & Lower East Side, including the Bowery Hotel.


Jay brings a unique combination of business management, finance, manufacturing, and tax law experience to the leadership team at Blue Onyx. A successful executive and business owner prior to joining Blue Onyx, Jay served both as President of Medin Corporation, which specialized in manufacturing a broad range of materials for the medical industry, and as General Owner/Manager at SourceOne, which provides sheet metal fabrication, assembly, and logistics services.  Before his career in manufacturing, Jay was a practicing tax lawyer, with a JD from Columbia Law School and an MBA in Economics and Finance from The University of Chicago. He also holds a BA in Economics from Columbia University. This unique combination of skills, experience, and education has allowed Jay to serve a crucial role in scaling the operations and Blue Onyx.